In 2015 Natura Siberica’s turnover exceeded 3 billion rubles (US $90 million).

Natura Siberica

Pure designed the brand & packaging for the launch of Russian Health & Beauty brand Natura Siberica in 2007 in a market dominated by International (western) brands: 1) L’Oreal – Faberlic 2) Oriflame 3) Unilever Russia 4) Yves Rocher 5) Lush 6) L’ occitane 7) Body Shop

Pure has designed all ranges within the brand portfolio to date, circa. 40 - all built around a stamp developed by Pure and inspired by the art of tribes native to Siberia, relating ingredients to their geographical origin, as well as attributing quality and history to the brand. The brand stamp has provided a powerful and distinctive starting point for the design of new product ranges, a focal point that gave the design team freedom to incorporate striking photography or explore new structural packaging possibilities.

Pure supported growth through design that established Natura Siberica in the Russian market and then through premium packaging design that broadened opportunities to specialist retail and international markets. With sales exceeding 3 billion rubles in 2015 (US $90 million)


• Phenomenal sales growth zero to 2.1 billion rubles / US $65 million in six years (2007-2013)

• 2012 Q1 NS grew at 75% whilst Russian competitors saw market share declining by 6%

• In 2013 exports increased sharply and reached almost 10% of the turnover

• In 2014 Natura Siberica was awarded an 'Icon of Russia' by Kremlin Multimedia featuring alongside culturally significant symbols, events and people from Russian history, such as Yuri Gagarin.

Pure continues to design all Natura Siberica brand packaging, a relationship now in its 9th year. 

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