Selfridges sold on Gym Bites at face value.

3 months after launch Gym Bites was listed in the prestigious Selfridges Foodhall, a great coup for budding entrepreneur Alexis Felicia Oladipo who created the concept and foods.

The journey to Selfridges was rather unusual as the Oxford Street store first became aware of Gym Bites through social media. Incredibly, it appears Selfridges food-buying team were sold on Gym Bites at face value, having pored over an image they found on Instagram - testament to the harmonious impact of product, structural packaging and Pure's brand design. Alexis said, ‘Tasting came later and it was a done deal from there.”

Gym Bites are marketed as compact meals that provide perfect portions of protein and nutrients in a convenient form for a busy lifestyle - but it’s the brand & packaging that’s been instrumental in helping this new product concept stand out.

Pure’s owner and Creative Director David Rogers said, “The presentation of the foods in the clear jar along with the free form label design creates the impression of a hand prepared product made fresh that day.”