How does a Russian consumer brand get a listing at Harrods?

When Pure created the very first packaging designs for Natura Siberica’s launch back in 2007, the brief was to create a brand to compete with western products in the Russian market. Today, Natura Siberica is turning the tables on the western health & beauty brands found on Russian shelves, as it moves in the opposite direction, growing its sales in the west and establishing a physical presence in our western world. Most recently, the world renowned Harrods agreed to stock the Natura Siberica Men’s grooming range launched in 2015. The question is, how do you go from a shelf in Moscow to a listing at London’s premier store?

Pure’s founder and Creative Director, David Rogers, believes the success lies in getting the branding right from the outset and building on a strong foundation with subsequent ranges, “The original range design we developed focused on a compelling brand story that has universal appeal, promising natural and effective ingredients from Siberia. To make this central to the brand we created a stamp inspired by the art of people native to Siberia, which as well as relating the ingredients to their geographical origin, has a secondary benefit, attributing quality and history to the brand and promoting consumer confidence. Subsequent ranges, like Natura Siberica Men’s, have the brand stamp at their core but we’ve mixed western and Russian design influences to create a unique brand approach. NS Men’s stands out because it looks at the world through Russian eyes but the structured communication of elements is western. Its unashamed masculinity is very Russian, giving the packaging a feel that’s very different to western brands targeting metrosexual males.”

David Rogers added, “Good design is not about mimicking the market it’s about immersing yourself in the brand. Western consumers are always looking for something new and if you look at the sheer choice on offer it’s the brands that have a story to tell, like Natura Siberica, and dare to be different that are leading the way.”

In addition to the striking branding, the packaging for NS Men’s has another intriguing aspect, with packs featuring animals from the wilds of Siberia printed onto holographic paper, which shimmer as they catch the light. David Rogers summed up by saying, “The distinctive branding coupled with the quality of the labelling makes a bold statement in male grooming that Harrods simply couldn’t resist.”