An intriguing new fast food restaurant has launched in Hammersmith Broadway, London, with brand design by Pure.

The concept, called Wonderbunz, is the brainchild of restauranteur William Chow owner of the Banana Tree chain of restaurants, working in conjunction with Head of Operations, Richard Doyle. The pair decided it was time to shake up a fast food scene full of predictable food-to-go and burger places.

Drawing on William Chow’s 25-years of culinary experience, Wonderbunz mixes Chinese and Indonesian cooking influences, promising a food-to-go experience like no other. The Wonderbunz menu is based around heartily filled steamed Bao buns, described by one food writer as ‘the best sandwich you’ve never tried’.

This is the first total food concept undertaken by Pure and included design of the restaurant logo, signage, choice of colour palette as well as devising the customer journey for the convenient in-store ordering screens.

Although Wonderbunz reflects a society more aware of different foods and more open to trying new things the interior design avoids cultural references relating to the food on the menu. Instead the design of Wonderbunz gives it an instantly credible presence on the high street to compete with ubiquitous fast food chains. Pure’s Creative Director David Rogers said, “The food offer is encapsulated in the logo and the restaurant environment is clean and fresh employing structures and colours that are familiar to everyone.”

The overriding strength of the brand lies in its logo which is both communicative and striking across all mediums from signage to paper cups. Warm yellow was chosen as the predominant colour based on the associations between this colour and the fast food sector. Psychologically, yellow triggers feelings of happiness and friendliness.

Pure also designed the screens for the in-store ordering portals that enable customers to navigate food choices and meal deals with ease, despite complex possibilities.

Pure’s David Rogers added, “We want to thank William and Richard for placing their trust in Pure. This was a unique project that enabled Pure to showcase its broader design knowledge and skills.